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Classic Taps Truck Owner Michael Elliott

Coworkers turned good buddies, Michael and John, who decided that they wanted to go into business for themselves. After countless hours of brainstorming and getting beers after work, they found a way to take their passion for beer and turned their 1966 GMC truck into something unique, a tap truck.  With that, Classic Taps was born.


Interest and love of beer are nothing new for Michael and John. Michael is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, once known as the beer capital of the world. John hails from Nashville, Tennessee, where a good brew can always be found. That said, great beer is nothing new to these guys. With the help of a close friend, they completed a custom build to their truck, Magnolia, which now serves as a classic tap truck and mobile bar, traveling middle Tennessee with the best brews available.


Classic Taps is excited to serve ya’ll in the Middle Tennessee area. Whether you’re planning a wedding, private party, or other special event, we’re ready to turn heads as we roll up to to celebrate with you on your special day! Please refer to our contact page if you’d like to invite us to your next big event! Classic Taps is ready to drive the extra mile to give you an unforgettable experience with memories to be made!

Classic Tap Truck Owner John Proctor
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